Hi, Michelle here! I’m a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines who loves exploring and learning new kinds of stuff.

I love the idea of working with various clients as it gives me the freedom to learn different tasks all at once. Also, makes me feel satisfied that I was able to help multiple companies and individuals with their businesses.

I do consider my client as my friend and a partner. I hate it when I feel disconnected with my clients just because they are my clients and I’m just someone they hired to do something for them. I want a deeper connection. If you want to hire me as your VA, let me know what you are doing. Let me know your goals. Let me know your plans. And from that, we’ll be the best tandem!

I’m living a simple and happy life with my family. I am totally single for now and enjoying my life as a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and of course as a Virtual Assistant.

I do sing karaoke, browse items online, or do some contents for my website during my free time. I am also looking forward to traveling to different places this year (while working).

Freelancing gives me this work-life balance and I’m absolutely enjoying it.