How My Freelancing Career Started

After I have graduated in College, I’ve tried my luck by attending to job fairs hoping that a company would be willing to hire me on the spot. I know I wasn’t confident that time. I’m kind of an introvert person. I really got nervous during interviews. It’s all in my head but when they started asking me questions, everything fades away. It was a total mental blocked. Somehow, I regain my thoughts and answered their questions but not in a confident way. I’m lacking confidence and I know that I should address that one. First impression last, as they say. They aren’t even impressed. I’ve waited days, weeks, and months hoping that someone will call me but no one called. I just accepted the reality and moved on.

I really like spending time browsing the web. I end up searching for online jobs and home-based jobs. Fortunately, I found a job posting in I read the job description and I tried my luck. I sent my application letter and resume and they’d replied to my email. I was like “Yes! This is it”. The job was to check and update their database for duplicates. The company’s name is HotelsCombined. They are comparing hotel prices similar to, Trivago,, etc. I had this video interview with them, as usual, I got nervous but fortunately, I’d passed the interview and the examination. I’d sweat a lot! The HR Manager is a Filipina and she was so fluent in English and I was like “OMG!”, I’m gonna die. In the detailed job description, it says that I should work from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. with 1-hour break so that’s 8 hours a day. Then payment is once a month worth P26,000 and will increase to P28,000 after 2 months training. I immediately went to a bank and opened a savings account since it was my first time getting a home-based job. I don’t even have valid ID’s that moment. Luckily, the bank’s Manager is my brother’s friend. They’d accepted my student’s ID together with my PhilHealth ID. The HR Manager lets me work on that stuff for a week and ready everything that they needed for me to start working. After a week of preparation, I messaged her that I’m done and ready. She sent me the contract and I signed it. Yey! I’m no longer unemployed.

My first week was awesome! I am full of happiness, eagerness, and determination to work hard. I have dreams and goals. When the 2 months training is done, they will evaluate my performance and if they’ll like it then I’m going to be a regular employee with paid leaves. Sounds good, right? Yeah, so I did my best, followed their instructions and everything but I have this Team Leader. I forgot her name but she’s a Pinay. She has that “not friendly” aura every time that she messaged me. She’s acting like “Respect me, I’m your Team Leader”. There’s no room for mistakes and misunderstandings. I don’t know what was wrong with her or she’s just being herself and wants us to be better. Or, I’m not used to it since it was my first time working at home and it was my first job. I don’t know. It’s just I didn’t felt any connection between us and all I can sense is she doesn’t care about my opinions and suggestions. I’m not happy anymore so I decided to quit. I sent them my resignation letter. I have worked for 1 month and 1 week as I remembered. Got my first pay and last pay at once.

If you’re not happy with what you are doing, don’t hesitate to quit. I know you’ll be unemployed for some time but it’s better to have no work than to have a job that gives you headaches all the time. I think the problem isn’t the job itself but it’s the people you’re working with. The job was easy but I really can’t handle how my Team Leader treated me. We’re not a robot, we’re humans. But maybe, just maybe, I had a problem adjusting to her attitude since I wasn’t treated that way before. I was surrounded by friendly and smiling people. But what’s important is I am happy with my decision.

What happened next? I was pressured to find a new job. Why? Because I already have an internet connection to be paid every month haha. My mom was stressed thinking how we can pay that monthly internet connection bill if I can’t find a job. What I did was sent, sent, and sent application letter and resume to whatever home-based job posting I’d found in

My ideal work at home job must have flexible working schedule, friendly and generous client, and a task that I will enjoy doing every day. But I was unemployed and a newbie without experience so, the best thing to do is not to be choosy. I was like “Don’t mind the salary. Don’t mind the schedule. Don’t mind the task. Will consider the client’s attitude”. OMG! Still thankful that I just have to browse for work. Send application letter and resume online. And, do the interview at home. So, after sending application letter and resume, I received an email. Can’t even remember that I have applied for that position. Again, they have conducted a video interview and I passed. I need to undergo a training for a week. The training schedule is from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. and yes, like a graveyard shift! Whatever, okay? I’m unemployed. Bahala na si Batman. Haha, unfortunately, I just lasted for 3 days and got sick. Well, that schedule will not change after the training and I can’t work within that hours. My body can’t do graveyard schedules. For the second time, I quit and got no payment.

I didn’t feel bad. I was just pressured because of the internet connection bill. No, it was my mom who was pressured then passed that feeling to me. I prayed a lot, like every day. Then someone told me about and I remembered that I already made an account there. I checked my profile and still need to add some details so it can be approved. I filled in all the missing details and took some test. After that, my profile was approved and live. Then, I landed my first job. Yey!

I thought searching for a work at home job was easy. It wasn’t easy. You need to think positive. You need to accept that you’ll be rejected many times. You have to put in mind that you are a newbie, competing with other freelancers who have job experiences already. One thing I have realized, if it’s for you, God will give it to you. All you need to do is never give up and feel discouraged. I started $4 an hour as a newbie and I am very thankful about that. Not all newbies get that hourly rate. I am very blessed that I got my ideal client. He’s so kind. He doesn’t even want me to call him Sir. I’m no longer working with that client but I owe him my success.

I will share more stories on my next blog. Hope you enjoy reading this!

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