Q: If a client hires you outside Upwork, what will be the time-tracking tool you’ll be using?

A: Actually, I already have a client outside Upwork. I’m using Top Tracker to track my time. It’s free to use. It can also capture screenshots and I can add my client to the project so he will be able to view the hours worked and the screenshots captured. You can also view reports. The downside is, it will not automatically calculate your salary so I need to use another tool for calculating my pay. For this one, I use CalculateHours.

Top Tracker Activities

Top Tracker Screenshot

Top Tracker Report

CalculateHours Wage Calculator

Q: What is the payment method that you prefer?

A: Right now, my client and I agreed to use Xoom. It’s my first option for the payment method as the payment reflects directly to my bank a few seconds after my client do the money transfer. My second option will be Paypal but I am definitely open to suggestions.